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Anchiovy and pineapple moody curry soup

Yes i know the type, you don't like anchiovies or your partner is not so keen. Well, here's a must try recipe just for you. I'd actually found in the back of my fridge a bag of chillies which were going mouldy and couldn't bear to waste them (Always use fresh if you can) as were the parsnips and the egg plants, the piece of pineapple was a left over and the mushrooms were soggy but still firm. The half of a lime was a left over too. So a kind of homage to too.


Some chillies (cleaned/ trimmed

and washed if necessary)

A scotch bonnet chilli

Some egg plants

500 grams of smallish potatoes

4 mushrooms

Remainder of or a peice of pineapple

Half a small lime

a few parsnips

garlic (5 medium cloves)


12 dried anchiovies.

level tsp Garam masala

Sprinkling of dry curry leaves

Level tsp turmeric

light sprinkling of ground ginger

large tsp of hot madras curry powder

Clean up the chillies if you need to, removing the bad bits and wash under a cold tap. (if you are prone to putting fingers in mouths i would wear gloves or scrub your hands after and avoid sucking your finger for a while.

Trim the egg plants. Chop the potatoes and parsnips into small pieces and slice the eggplants (Photo 1) and place into steamer for 20/30 minutes or until soft.

Meanwhile, put some water into a largeish saucepan and heat.

Remove the skin and the core from the peice of pineapple.Chop the pineapple and the chillies and put them into the water in the saucepan which should be boiled but not bubbling too much. Cut the onion into rings and add to the water. Wash and coarsely chop the mushrooms and add those too. Maintain water temperature. Add the chopped de-seeded (washed) scotch bonnet chilli (wear gloves when handling these and clean floor if you drop any seeds and have pets or if you have children around)

Add half of a lime squeezed (Juice only), Lightly salt and add a level tsp garam masala, sprinkling of dry curry leaves, level tsp ground turmeric,

the light sprinkling of ground ginger and a large teaspoonful ofhot madras curry powder. Simmer and add some salt and pepper. When the eggplants potatoes and parsnips are soft 'ish', carefully add them and even more carefully also add the dried anchiovies.

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