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Anchiovy and pineapple moody curry soup

When the soup is at a temperature which you would enjoy. Serve the soup up how you like to. But personally i think its one of those soups or recipes where you can only say "Don't just look at it wondering what to do, dive in! If you have never tred anchiovies, they can be chopped finely so you only get a taste or chop them not so finely and they are a nice texture and depending on the saice you have with them, sometimes you experience the texture sensations only of the anchiovies with what else you put with them. I always feel humbled so much when adding anchovies. I find them immensely superb! The taste of a dried anchovy as an ingredient does not compare in any way to anchovies in oil or the type you might find on some things such as for example some pizzas which have an appreciable uniqueness of their own and are though still lovely, salty tasting sometimes.

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