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Celeriac with banana


half a celeriac

400 grams of chopped potatoes

2 lime leaves

one banana


slither of lemon

Slice the celeriac and potatoes and add to the pot either with 1 litre of water or preferably on top of the juices left from the recipe on previous page (as long as it is just the liquid and as long as it hasn't been standing too long/ one day recommended). If the lime leaves are still in the pot remove two, leaving two. do not add more.

Make sure water is covering ingredients, add a thin slither of lemon and a pinch of salt and bring to the boil.

Turn the heat down to check but when you can safely dig a fork into the potato and are happy with the softness of the celeriac, remove from the heat totally and leave to rest with lid on for maybe ten minutes.

Serve with a sliced banana as an equally delicious additional accompaniment.

Celeriac with banana

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