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Chewing fish

Not quite as it sounds but almost.

Chewing fish. Because the anchovies become deliciously lemon almost nutty tasting but chewy. I stumbled upon this when realising i had just a few dried anchovies left and wondering if i wanted to buy more as it was my first time trying them so in a round about kind of way also a discerning moment. Safe to say that after this recipe i decided yes.


Dried anchovies.

Some greens

Potatoes (no more than 300 grams)

one lemon

A sprinkling of ground ginger

Salt and pepper

Cut the potatoes into reasonable sized pieces and put them into lowest shelf of steamer. Add minimal salt and pepper.

Place the greens on the upper shelf and then place the anchovies on topm of the greens. Squeeze the lemon juice over the anchovies and greens.

As the greens cook the lemon essence and aroma of should be prevalent.

Also cut some of the zest and place on top of anchovies before steaming for maybe 25 to 30 minutes.

When cooked, sprinkle a little ground ginger over the

top with maybe a small amount of ground black pepper.

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