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Chilli carrot and sweet potato

Sweet potatoes and carrots texturewise are together another lovely combination.


500 grams sweet potato

100 grams onion

300 grams of carrot

8 regular chillies

1 green pepper

4 lime leaves

4 Garlic cloves

Chilli powder (Hot)

Ground ginger (half level teaspoonful)

Salt and pepper

Check the sweet potato thoroughtly and clean removing any bad bits. (if there are any).

Clean under cold water the carrots and dry them. Remove the ends and cut them into curry sized pieces. Cover them with a third teaspoonful of chilli powder.

Steam both the carrots and the sweet potatoes covered in the chilli powder)for up to 15/20 minutes until soft. If you haven't got a steamer but you do have a collander, you can use a collander over a saucepan of boiling water but please check regularly to ensure that the water doesn't run out and that you keep topping up. I would also personally put a lid on if possible to keep the heat in.

Once these ingredients are softened, gently and carefully place them into a regular saucepan and add the lime leaves. Add 4 roughly chopped garlic cloves and finely chop the onion and add 1 and a half coffee cups/or a decent/large sized mug of cold water and whilst watching allow to cook on mark 3 (Electiric/ 2/3 if gas).

Add the chopped de-seeded green pepper and gently with a spatula, stir the ingredients so that the potato which is already softened does not break up. Allow to heat and then when potato is as soft as the carrot reduce heat to 1 and place lid on. I have never tried with arrowroot or cornflour but both are reliable thickeners i understand. Stir after 20 minutes. You could add a tin of delicious plum tomatoes if not wanting to reach a target weight. Round off after with an apple from the fridge and don't forget how apples can be great for you, our other recipe 'appleish' in the menu explains why.

Next day...........Still some of the juices left in in the pot? Next page.

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