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Echalion shallots and tuna tomato with fennel and chocnibs

After one hour check the oven and turn the potatoes. Remove both things from the oven and switch shelves, putting the potatoes on the top shelf and the shallots on the middle shelf.

Be careful when removing hot food from an oven.

Adjust heat if necessary.

Then, wash the tomatoes and cut them in half.

Disgard any bits which/ if are not so nice skinwise.

Remove the stalks and end of the fennel and the outer skin and chop finely.

Put the chopped fennel into a bowl.

Remove the insides of the tomato halves and put them onto a plate and chop them, then add them to the fennel.

Add three chopped thin chillies (optional) to the fennel and the seeds.

Add half of the tuna to the fennel mixture and leave it to marinade.

When the chips are done remove from the oven and allow to cool.

Also remove the shallots and sweet potato from the oven.

Pour some boiling water into a cup and then put a smaller cup on top of it with the bottom of the top cup touching the bottom one.

Put the two squares of chocolate into the top cup and allow it to melt.

Spoon the tuna and fennel mixture into the tomato halves and put into fridge.

When the chocolate has melted, use a teaspoon and allow a drip of chocolate to go onto each of the potato chips (Pic 3), then put them into the fridge too.

Echalion shallots with tuna tomato with fennel and chocnibs.

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