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Echalion shallots and tuna tomato with fennel and chocnibs


Two sweet potato (or one if not too damaged)

One white potato

Echalion shallots


Chillies (optional)


160 gram tin of tuna (not in oil)

Salt and pepper to suit your own taste

Some fresh mint

One half level smaller size teaspoonful of caster sugar

2 tablespoons vinegar

A small level teaspoonful of vegetable oil (to grease the baking tin)

2 squares of chocolate

Start by removing any worn or bad or bruised bits from the sweet potato (pic 2) then cut into 5mm slices and put into a saucepan. Add enough water to cover the potato slices and boil until soft enough to mash.

Remove the ends from the shallots and the very outer skin.

Remove the leaves from the mint then wash and chop finely.

Put the chopped mint into a watertight container and add the sugar and 3 tablespoonfuls of boiling water and the vinegar. Add a tiny sprinkling of salt. Stir and leave to rest for approximately 20/30 minutes.

When the sweet potato is mashed put a layer of it into the baking tin/loaf tin (or pie dish). Then lay the shallots on top and then put the remaining sweet potato over the shallots (Pic 4) Add just a little salt if you want to.

Place on top shelf of pre heated oven (mark 3).

Wash the other white potato and cut into slices of no more than 5mm and put them with the mint and the juices into a bowl. Stir them up a bit and cover as much of the potatoes as possible (Pic 3). Heat the mixture slightly for two minutes if you can to thicken the sauce. Then place the potatoes into the greased baking tray (use just one small level teaspoonful of oil to grease the tin). Spoon any remaining mint sauce onto the potatoes and place on the middle shelf of the oven.

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