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Fishy Mel recipe

If you have tried the B Bruger recipe here's something else you may absolutely enjoy or at least another way of eating it (and economical too). Known as Melba toast, this is an exquisite way too to enjoy.


One slice of bread

Optional ingredients:

A slice of lemon

One glace cherry

Toast the slice of bread on both sides.

Cut away the crusts of the bread.

Carefully insert into the gap between the

two toasted sides of the bread a knife.

The two sides of the toasted bread will part. Very gently toast the

untoasted sides.

Add some of the anchovy and olive ingredients

If you have a glace cherry, slice it in half and place on top.

Try one piece without lemon squeezed onto it and the other with.

The lemon adds a chewy dimension.

If on a diet or even if not, enjoy the cut off toasted crusts too.

Doing toast in this way is known as melba toast, hence Fishy Mel.

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