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Add the chopped garlic and chop the piece of ginger root and add that too.

A nice thing about this recipe is that you can probably also add any type of meat (or even fish) if you are not vegetarian (but research pork if thinking of adding pork/ pork cannot be reheated/ if wanting to add pork, i would cook the pork with the recipe and do not reheat after cooked. Or prepare the curry and cook the pork seperately and add seperately to the dish should you choose to reheat the dish). Try to keep the potatoes as whole as possible or cut them in half. If using a halogen oven cut the potatoes into small pieces. Add the chopped garlic and chop the chillies and add those too to the onion and garlic. Remove the skin from the cooking apple, core, chop finely and add. Split open the cardomams and put the seeds onto a dish with your spices. Discard the shells. Place the cumin seeds into a vessel/ pestle and mortar or durable bowl and press down with back of a teaspoon on the cumin seeds to release their flavours. Then add all of the dry spices and the mustard powder and th bay leaf (except the garam masala) and carefully stir them in for up to 4 minutes. Into a seperate saucepan add the washed scrubbed potatoes. (Add prepared meat if not vegetarian). Add more water if necessary, then add the stock. Gently add the onion and garlic and spices mixture and stir in with a wooden spoon. Add the frozen spinach and the drained rinsed chick peas, add the frozen spinach and give a generous squirt of tomato puree (maybe 2 tbsp) Photo 2 Bring to the boil and stir occasionally and simmer for maybe an hour on a high heat until the larger potatoes are soft, carefully adding the chopped capsicum after 45 minutes. Once this dish is cooked. Leaving it to steep for an hou with no heat will only do it good. If the actual sauce needs thickening maybe add some arrowroot. Next day if there is any left add the garam masala and reheat. Enjoy!

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