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Mooli and hot Okra

When both saucepans of food are almost cooked, making sure that the liquid in the mooli hasn't totally evaporated, Remove from heat and put lids on both pans.

Serve hot or cold.

Add some chopped tomato to garnish the okra/ginger if you want to but it isn't necessary.

More mushrooms in the mooli could be added also and could be very nice.

A little more ginger to the okra could also be nicer too.

I think any rice could have been added to either of these dishes though they also are nice eaten as seperate dishes but together.

If not dieting an apple crumble with 50% of usual sugar which you might usually add to the apple or hardly any would be nice with this meal. But if you are dieting.

An apple from the fridge shall be quite fine.

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