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Mooli and hot Okra

I was shopping and saw some new vegetables which i thought i'd try. Some of the produce was purchased from a supermarket (the mooli) and some (the okra) from a local shop. I wasn't sure what to do with them or how i would feel or whether i would even enjoy the end result? One of the things about trying new vegetables though is that we can all think 'well how much salt should we add' but if it's a vegetable which we never tried before, the question then is maybe why add salt if it tastes okay anyway? Traditionally we seem to add salt and i guess that is how we seem to do it but a surprise even still on this one/ with this recipe was actually yet to be found. The mooli after a few days was going a bit soft, larger than a large carrot and with a feel similar to that of a soft cool suede/leather, i was totally unsure. As was i with the okra.

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