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Breads and pastries

I may well have taken a decision to do whatever i could dietwise in January 2012 to lose some weight. And yes i had lost over 2 stone/ 33lbs. Sometimes though i do have a day away from my regime where i have a treat of some of the food which i do miss but am more careful of over-eating and going back. Even though i realise that if i am careful and i eat balanced foods / a combination of food groups which will not necessarily do me good and something to offset it somehow, like some salad or some vegetables it can i have found help a lot. I had decided to not eat various things since January and am trying with difficulty to introduce them again. But even i, and yes 5 months on still know that if i buy i loaf of bread i will eat a loaf of bread too quickly. Rye bread and rice cakes can prove tto be a nice alternative in the interrim. Please, if diet conscious at the moment try rye bread. It is also very nice with rollmop herrings. Even if you can easily eat a few cakes in an hour. Deal with your weightloss carefully and then you will think more carefully about how you enjoy those cakes when you eat them in future. You can then actually enjoy them even more, but carefully.

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