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Breads and pastries

I found saltfish to be a bit on the salty side for me but delicious none-the-less.

I though couldn't eat too much of it at once, just an occasional munch at a peice sometimes has helped with some of the odd tummy emocions ? Or tantrums endured at times with either changing tastes or the various adaptations i have been subjecting myself to.

Saltfish on / in pitta with some salad can be real great too.

This is with cooked cabbage and if you are not so keen on very salty fish one small peice of lightly boiled unsalted whitefish could be equally as nice but pack the not too over-cooked cabbage in (or the lettuce). I would even put a hot peppery sauce over the fish (even the salted) but i wouldn't put a lot on if on a diet regime or until you at least have lost your first half stone if wanting to lose two and if correct for you to do so.

A squeeze of lemon or even lime as optional.

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