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Savoy cabbage and plum

The outer leaves on the lovely savoy cabbage were extremely limp. I'd bought this cabbage maybe ten days earlier and wasn't sure of how i wanted to cook it or what to do with it. I didn't want to do the usual boiled cabbage (as nice as it is). Cabbage with the trimmings, a few bits of cut bacon thrown in for good measure with a few potatoes if you eat meat, i once did. This recipe is a little bit different from that but great if de-toxing or if a green veggie feind (or friend) i'm totally sure!


One Savoy Cabbage

Some watercress (mine was slightly past use by date but try use fresh if you can).

Spring onions


a heaped tsp of ground black pepper.

Salt according to own taste

2 segments of star of anise (even if used once already)

A food mould such as a small plastic saucepan or a bowl or plastic food container.

One plum

Optional: Sprinkling of ground ginger

Put up to 1.5" (one and a half inches) of cold water into a large saucepan.

Heat and add a small amount of salt.

Remove the sodden leaves of the savoy cabbage.

Core the cabbage / remove core and and chop the remainder finely

(Photo 2.)and add to the water which should be almost boiled but with heat reduced.

Be careful adding ingredients to a pan containing hot water please.

Wash the potato and cut into very very small pieces and carefully add to the pot.

Add one large level teaspoonful of ground black pepper.

Clean up the spring onions and chop them finely and half of the stick of celery (Photo 3) and carefully add to the mixture (Photo 4.).

Maintain good heat until the potato cooks. Use a long wooden spoon to stir and be careful not to get scalded. Should any hot water splash on you hold affected area under a cold running water tap or seek medical advise.

If you have a blender which works properly use two segments of a star of anise and add to the mixture. If not, add two segments and fish them out later when further preparing the dish. When the potatoes have cooked down turn heat off and remove from heat.

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