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Spring onions with butternut (and potatoes and the odd optional anchiovy).

Those who were wondering about the butternut pumkin photo in an earlier recipe, the butternut pumpkin is used here.


A butternut (Photo 2)

Four smallish/small-medium potatoes

Spring onions 5

16 dried anchovies (optional)

Some sultanas

A star of Anise

Ground black pepper

A food blender/liquidiser

Optional: some walnut peices 'or' Parmesan

Garlic salt

The butternut was on its way out and was going a bit discoloured at one end/ half way along so i had to use it.

It is your choice but i wasn't too keen on the toughness of butternut skins when trying to eat them so you would have to decide if blending whether to de-seed them and simply chop them or to remove some or all of the skin.

Put 1.5- 2 litres or there about in a large saucepan with a little salt. When almost boiling reduce heat.

Slice the potatoes into slices of no more than 10mm and carefully add to the water. Be extremely careful as water can splash.

If you burn yourself run your hand immediately under a cold tap /or seek medical advise.

Cut the butternut in half and de- seed with a spoon (photo 2). Then remove as much of the skin from the butternut as you think you can abide or tolerate to taste or enjoy depending on your own individual taste. Cut the butternut into smaller pieces and blitz in a blender or a liquidiser then carefully pour the butternut solution into the water. A potato peeler is good for removing the skin from the butternut effectively.

Chop the ends from the spring onions leaving as much of the green on as think you can (Photo 3). Remove the unfirmer bits.

Slice the spring onions in half and then lay them flat and half the halves. Add to the mixture with the star of anise (Photo 4).

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