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Celery and sweet potato soup.

I'd heard about a recipe and not having ever tried celeriac before or having even seen it i thought celeriac was celery.

Anyway, i was soon to discover that celery and sweet potato soup is very nice.


5 sticks of celery (or 6 if short)

2 sweet potatoes (no more than 600grams)

A medium sized brown onion


Remove any damaged pieces of potato. In sweet potato the damaged part is often concealed by shin so check if you see damage and tidy up.

Try though to leave as much of the skin on as can be saved especially if the potatoes are a little marked.

Trim the ends off the celery and wash. Then cat the celery into pieces up to 3/4 of an inch.

Press and chop up to 5 cloves of garlic and add water to the saucepan.

Make sure all ingredients are just covered and bring to the boil. Then as soon as at boil, reduce heat and simmer on mark 2 for 25-35 minutes until celery is soft.

You could add many things to this recipe, but the celery taste is very prevalent. Even streaky bacon could also be nice with this recipe if cut into very small pieces if not wanting to lose weight.

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