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Sweet potatoes

I'd heard of an interesting concept with sweet potatoes but i thought of an easy way that you can use them and enjoy them and particularly if unsure.

Mix them. Yes steam or boil one regular white potato and one sweet potato and then mash them together.

It does taste different and the cooking time if you slice them thinly enough can be reduced by almost up to 14 minutes.

I added some black pepper.

Also try them with a head of broccoli split into pieces.

I added some garlic salt to the broccoli after and it was absolutely delicious.

The mash because i'd purposely left the skin on the sweet potato. The regular potato was a bit rough in parts but still very nice, nicer i found certainly with regard to the sweet potato than eating it 'as is'. I thought that the mix was a great improvement and a welcome change.

I have some olives and i'd bought some celery to try a recipe which came highly recommended. You might like to try adding a few sultanas to the potato mixture whilst cooking and maybe a few cashew nuts to it after (particularly if not on a weightloss program).

Sweet potato and regular potato mashed with some (a small amount of) garlic salt sprinkled onto the cooked brocoli.

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