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The B Bbruger

Ingredients: 300 gramms of potato 30 grams of anchovy fillet Some olives Some capers Two large mushrooms Tomato (optional) Even if you do not like anchovies i would ask that you be surprised and at least give this a try. Olives (from a jar) once opened can last usually for up to 14 days if kept in a refridgerator capers (jarred) usually 8 supposedly. I think more on both. They are a great addition to meals and can be an excellent alternative as a stop gap if feeling peckish and dieting. As for the anchovies blend the olives and capers and olives in a blender or you could probably use the back end of a fork but mash them well. The quantity used in the photo to the right was the quantity used for this recipe as with the lower photo too plus one extra mushroom. Do not peel the potatoes, check for any problematic bits and remove but i hope there wont be too many, usually there isn't. Slice the potatoes and boil them. Then put half or the cooked potato to one-side and make a mash with the other potato pieces. Do not add milk or butter if on a/this particular diet. Please read the disclaimer via the main menu page of this website by following this link if you haven't already. Use your back button to return to this page. Thank you.

Put the mash inside the mushroom and then put some of the anchovy/olive/capers mixture on top. Place into oven for maybe 25 to 30 minutes on mark 3. Serve up with the remaining potato and a little salt and some pepper and a maybe add a sliced tomato on top. Two more larger photos of this on next page. It is very delicious!

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