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The Peggy Jakques

Add a very light pinch of salt to this soup whilst it is cooking (photo 4).

You could enjoy a couple of bowls of this soup fairly soon after it is cooked, add some ground black pepper (photo 5).

I hope you can agree that it is also the type of soup where you could also add some fresh chicken pieces of any kind. Remove the skins if dieting and DO NOT give chicken bones to pets. Chicken bones are known to be brittle and can be sharp, for that reason if caught in an animals throat can become hazardous.

At this point, check to see if you have any green beans left. If beans are over their use by date, check them thoroughly. Top and tail them anyway/ remove ends before you use them and disgard and bad bits.

You may be wondering, well what of the lentilles vertes and the optional beef stock cube? Maybe the next day.

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