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The Peggy Jakques

Keep the remaining refrigerated overnight.

The soup which should have quite a fair bit of liquidity mash with a potato masher.

Add the lentilles vertes and some more water and those extra green beans.

Also at this point (you might like to) crumble on an optional beef stock cube.

Bring to the boil and simmer until the lentilles vertes are cooked (approximately 20/30


If not dieting and if you are not vegetarian or if you don't want to use a beef stock

cube and if you haven't added chicken: I noticed in one of those freezer shops

recently some frozen pork chops. They weren't quite as thick as some of the others

i have seen.

It could be perfect to cut one of those thinner pork chops into very thin strips and add to this soup, but make sure you cook them for long enough to cook them thoroughly and do not reheat them after or the soup with them in it (if you do add pork strips).

Chicken or pork would both add their own unique dynamic to this soup and both quite different.

When the lentilles vertes have cooked, whether with meat or not added. You might like to enjoy 'as is', or leave the soup covered to sit for two hours off the heat. Enjoy. If you are partial to or enjoy garlic, try adding some coarsely chopped garlic to the soup when it is in its final cooking stage. I hope you enjoy.

You could also try spooning some into a soft sweet hot dog roll.

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