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The Wouldit Buchoose

I decided to write this and some of the next page because i sometimes use noodles and i had heard that some of the flatpack flavored noodles are coated with a wax to prevent the noodles from sticking together and that in some people the wax was said to be harmful? I remembered seeing the inventor of the flatpack noodles on television some years ago and thinking what a great man to have come up with that idea.

Would it be different if the companies who made noodles, not that this is an accusation actually clarified the picture regarding flatpack noodles if there is even such a problem. Yes we can try to resolve with techniques and i hope that we can but should/ if the problem should creep up again from elsewhere. How can we be sure that it would not? So is cure better therefore than actual prevention? On the next page is how i deal with noodles and a quick easy recipe which you might like.

Would it make a difference to Chinas seemingly growing pollution problem, it is said that many in China are wealthy, i know that the UK and other countries do appreciate their business. Do they look into how their country / regions spend with regard to energy usage and recycling efficiently and the use of fuels. Would it substantially enable them to become a far richer country if they implemented real change now? Or are they simply demonstrating that this is a diverse world and using this as an expression of such where there could be so much more that they could change.

I may be wrong on this it was something i heard and may not be at all correct, but i once heard that some Japanese vases are or once were made with a slight flaw, to suggest that in life itself nothing is ever exactly perfect.

Like losing and keeping weight off

is ever really easy but it can be fun......

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