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Twisty tangpot

My weight hadn't changed from having lost weight and when i did eat i seemed to sometimes have more sweeter foods sometimes but i eat far less often than i ever did before i started with this program.

I also found that then i purchased no more than once weekly a bottle of squash and a bottle of sparkling mineral water or sometimes 2 bottles of sparkling mineral water to mix with it.

I had cut down on the green tea and rarely drank it briefly but even now when i do more now, i still enjoy it a lot, please do not underestimate it's qualities.

I sometimes also eat just plain bran cereal with milk (semi-skimmed) as a breakfast or plain raw porridge oats cooked with boiling water, use of semi skimmed milk can be nice too. Watch your portion sizes.

A bag of potatoes (750g) with a best before date of 9 July (photo 1), 3 Large mushrooms, some bacon pieces (optional), some anchiovies, a medium sized cooking apple and a small to medium sized orange (photo 2) and a tiny amount of salt. (PLEASE NOTE: The potatoes had been kept in a very cool refridgerator the whole time since July 9th). Note: If not adding bacon add double the amount of cooking apple.

Wash the potatoes. Chop the potatoes into small pieces and remove any odd bad bit.

Wash and peel and core the cooking apple and cut into small pieces and place in a container which will retain the juices when steamed, a saucer is used to illustrate this in photo 3.

Place in steamer for 25 minutes until soft.

We also have another site, it functions on the same principles as this but the layout is different to this site. Tier 1 for those starting to carefully eat or lose weight and Tiers 2-3 and 4 for those more confident.

Our other site:

Clicking here may take you there too on some devices.

In the meantime cut the anchovies and chop the orange and put into a

container together (photo 4/ next page), stir them around and place a cover on it or put it

into refridgerator. Remove any excessive fat from bacon and put in fridge.

Carefully remove saucer from steamer, use gloves or a tea towel as

saucer should be hot if immediately removed.

Apples will be mushy and almost smooth in consistency.

Mash the potatoes and add a small amount of salt.Divide the mash into three. Wash the mushrooms.

On the next page you'll realise where the name for this recipe came from.

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