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Twisty tangpot

After you have divided the mashed potato into three add just a few of the chopped bacon pieces to the mash and stir. Place the two thirds of the mash on top of two of the mushrooms and create a ridge around the edge with your fingers or a spoon dipped into hot water.

Add the orange and anchovy mixture to the top of the mashed potato.

To the remaining third of mashed potato add the apple and stir. You may note on an older potato that the taste can differ slightly and the potato seems to taste a bit harder. I found that the addition of steamed cooking apple seems to alter the taste in a very nice way. A 'twisty tangpot' way.

Add as much of the potato as you can get onto the remaining mushroom and try the rest if you want to.

You may be surprised, it is actually not bad.

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