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Yammy Beega-sou L''

So, who hasn't been to your local market and seen one of these and thought i wonder what that is? I did just that again and felt compelled to buy one and try it for myself. Not at all sure what to do with it and not wanting to copy a recipe i carefully looked at identification of root vegetable website and discovered it is a yam. It actually put me back a few years to when i was 18 two friends

Yammy Beega-sou L''

Edith and Phyllis Durant lived in the Lewisham Borough of London and we sometimes met at a local pub. One day i went arount to Phyllises and she was cooking what looked like a banana, i strongly think it was a plantain but i said "what's that you're cooking and she said she was cooking Yam'. Phyllis and Edith both caribean ladies were good friends and though i have tried to find them since i strongly suspect they relocated back to the caribean. Phyllis did ask if i wanted some which was exceptionally kind but i said no, i wasn't hungry and had only gone round because Phyllis asked me to pop in. Anyway, what was i going to do with this rather phalic looking beast of a root vegetable? I hadn't asked Phyllis how to cook it. If i remember correctly though Phyllis was frying the banana looking plantain thing back then. I am not using the plantain in this recipe but the yam inself. It may not look particularly apetising but i think it's one of those which is worth a try as it is quite versatile and another good thing is that a decent potful can last a couple or even a few days guys. You can add to it and use it in different ways. And whilst i'm on it why did i mention Phyllis and Edith, the yam reminded me more of a guy i met once called Jake. (Not that i chopped him up of course). Ingredients: Yam some ginger Green chillies (to suit your own taste) Yellow Scotch bonnet chillies. (Please be very careful when using some chillies and particularly scotch bonnet chillies, wear gloves if you can, do not let children or pets near them. If you spill any on the floor clean it up very carefully if you have pets) They are very hot. Be very careful with scotch bonnet chillies please! One small pear

However they are prepared or cooked, let's hope that memories evoked shall be and remain as wholesome healthy happy ones.

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