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Yammy Beega-sou L'

Ingredients (continued):


One large onion

Some prawns

Dried hot peppers

Salt and pepper to suit your own taste.

(An optional egg).

The skin on the yam i was not sure how to handle, so half of the yam was peeled and the skin left on the other half. Then the yam was cut into pieces and washed in cold water. Then put into saucepan with a small amount of salt and bring to the boil. Simmer then fairly high for approximately 20 minutes.

I found the taste of the yam to be quite nice and the bits of yam with skin still on were nice but i would be mindful of trying to get any stringy bits of skin off first before cooking if keeping the skins on.

Chop the onion finely as you can and add to the yam whilst the yam is cooking. Also the garlic.

Remove the ends from the green chillies and cut the chillies finely and also add.

De-seed the scotch bonnet chillies and chop and add to the pot.

Chop the dried hot peppers and add those too.

Core the pear and chop into small peices (Photo 1) and add.

If the mixture has already boiled, add some more water (hot) and simmer on a very very low heat so as not to break the yam peices up any further too much. For that reason do not simmer for more than 5 minutes, but very low. The simmering is just to release the oils from the peppers and garlic etc.

Then cover the pot and let the pot sit for maybe an hour off the heat.

The mixture is quite gloopy (photo 2), so if you have some prawns, aim for the pieces of yam and spoon onto a plate with some cooked prawns on top maybe (photo 3). Or..... why not put some of the cooked yam into a halogen oven or carefully put some under a grill (Photo 4). Or slice and grill to make chips and dip them into sauces of your own choice (photo5). (But not too many with sauces if watching those calories).


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