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Not greens partial

Some may be partial to green foods, and for some it isn't always tolerable to enjoy them so much so this recipe was created with hope that all can enjoy it, but with consideration to those specifically, for whom green foods such as cabbage may not always be possible or even an option.


4 largeish carrots were used and sliced thinly.

Also add 40 gramms of red lentils,

One heap teaspoon of crushed chillies and bring to boil and cook.

Harissa paste

Dried crushed chillies

Cous cous

Pitted prunes

Half of a vegatable stock cube

Two tablespoons tomato puree

Optional: Ground almonds,


Remove the excess liquid from the saucepan after cooking and add one level tablespoon of harissa paste and one half of a vegetable stock cube. Then two tablespoons of tomato puree. Then add one half 'coffeespoon' of butter, one half cup of cous cous, in this a wholemeal cous cous was used. Also add 6-8 pitted prunes halved. Stir on very low heat. Then remove from heat and add optional one level tablespoon ground almonds. Serve with optional slice tomato. Or have with no sliced tomato or no ground almonds.  Although this dish has no onion or garlic, harissa paste does contain some garlic. That little amount of salt added, you could count the grains on your hand. Servings 4-6. Excellent microwaved next day too.


Garnish with sliced tomato and if not nut intolerant, even some walnut pieces or a crushed walnut piece could suit.

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Please also, something for you to consider.


What do you usually do as soon as you wake up? Get a coffee or tea? Brush teeth or clean? Please. I would ask that today, you first check inside your kettle. Then, after you next sleep and upon  waking up, when you wake, please, have a cup of boiled water while it is still warm or reasonably hot even but do not scald yourself, be careful doing it. Then do it again the next day and try to achieve doing it maybe even four times a day. Wait 30 minutes after doing it in morning before eating anything. Thank you.

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