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Potato chips diet style.

I know what it's like if you like the crunchiness of the odd potato chip and are on a diet. But i found a way of arriving at a chip substitute. I also realise that there are many brands of low fat chips and crisps on the market which are delicious. But if wanting to attempt even briefly to try a alternative type of taste stimulation? Who knows what you may create?


Cut one largeish potato into slices of no more than 2.5mm. Do not remove the skin from the potato.

Put one teaspoonful of ground black pepper into a bowl and one teaspoonful of mustard. I used a polist mustard which had a slightly different taste to some of the more conventional UK brands.


The potatoes are wet inside anyway so, rub them/coat them on both sides in the mixture.


Also with this dish i wanted to try to create a Lemon and garlic Zucchini/courgette on Greens.


Chop the greens and if you have a steamer, place on bottom shelf.


Chop finely 5 cloves of garlic and put the garlic into a mixing bowl. Then cut a lemon in half and squeeze the lemon juice into the bowl with the garlic. I would imagine that this lemon/garlic mixture would also be nice on chicken. Cut your courgettes/zucchini into slices of maybe 1 and a quarter to 1 and a half inches. Press the zucchini peices into the lemon/garlic mixture so that the peices of garlic fuse with the zuchini and place on upper shelf of steamer. The hope was that if very wet the lemon garlic would drizzle through onto the greens during cooking.


Place the potato pieces around the edge of a baking tray (standing up) DO NOT ADD OIL, you can also add the zucchini to the baking try with the potatoes if you haven't got a steamer and cook the greens seperately. Put them in oven on max heat for 15 minutes then turn town to maybe mark 3 (electric cooker) and cook for a further 20 minutes or so. Keep check on the potato chips because you may need to turn them if the chips stick to the baking tray or take chips out which cook early. If using steamer for zucchini and greens 35 minutes.

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