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Quick and easy

You might be feeling queasy or maybe you have a cold, and yes you'd like to do more but it could be difficult to do? It's horrible, I know. If so, this could help, particularly if you know that phrase "you have to try to get something down you".


One bag of microwave rice

One cup soup mix of ANY flavour.

Some small bits of feta cheese (optional)


It is economically sound because you only need to boil a few tablespoons or a sixth of a cup of water, you could also try adding it in a microwave suitable container when microwaving the rice (usually for one and a half minutes/check the 250 gram bag for details).


Put the rice in bowl and add the dry powder, then add a very small amount of boiling water. Stir well and add those few small bits of remaining feta cheese, then try to get snuggley again. Be safe!


Also, check the handle and the switch on your kettle anyway, make sure it is clean.


Be careful using hot water.


I am presently working on a couple of suggestions that you may like over the winter festive season, one of the suggestions has already been cooked etc, very nice.


I shall post soon.


Calories of this suggestion are less considerably if you use cous cous and better for you fibre-wise if you use wholemeal rice. Maybe if a meat eater, you could try cous cous with a small bit of lemony cooked chicken mixed in and some sweetcorn, try adding a few capers too, give it a try.


The book mentioned 'Nom Penny' by P Fontanouie (on sale in Amazon and via download on Amazon or kindle), was to also be supportive of us, but sales have not been there yet. We have to move on somehow, however disappointing it may be. So what did we do? Having read the editor's copy of the book, we said that it was way underpriced. She has left a few odd copies in odd places, only twice so far, editors copies, she didn't have many of those apparently, We don't ask why? Have nice day.

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