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Recipe 25/10


Though there are two leeks in this photo (right), only one

was used.

I Leek

2 medium sized potatoes

8-10 parsnips

Approximately 10 mushrooms

2 Whole clove rounds of garlic

2 heaped soupspoonfuls of tomato puree

1 heaped soupspoon of ginger paste

Or a good 3 to 4" sizeable peice of ginger root (skinned

and chopped finely and mulched)

Half a coffee cup of wholemeal cous cousor the coarser type cous cous

1 small tin of water chestnuts

Optional: One Lemon

(Optional) One crusty bread roll straight from the freezer

Trim the leek and parsnips and and wash them. Half fill a largeish saucepan with cold water. Chop the leek and washed potatoes, add the chopped leeks and cut the potatoes into the smallest cubes that you can and add those too. Slice the parsnips quite thinly and add those too. You may find it easier to do the potato after the parsnips.

Turn up the heat, trim and wash the mushrooms and put them on top.

Once boiling, allow to simmer on high until the parsnips and potatoes have softened and turn the heat off.

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