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A chance meet

Wash and trim if necessary the medium sized potato, then grate it and carefully add. Get a piece of salted fish. Personally....i would rinse it under a tap just for a second or two to get just some of the salt off, then cut the saltfish and carefully add. Reduce heat to add the salted fish and then bring to a speedy heat and simmer on fairly high heat for approximately 30 minutes. Ground in a pestle and mortar or a heavy dish the whole pepper hot (photo 2) as i sometimes do with a spoon and add. Serve hot on a wholemeal pitta or on it's own as it is quite filling. I found this recipe with the pittabread to be like tucking into a zingy hot type of pasty (photo 3). Add a slice of the remaining lemon half to garnish. The whole recipe is also a real cleanser. As for the salted fish...........whilst i appreciate there are many ways of cooking pork i am sure, the texture was that as i recalled of pork. I was totally surprised by this chance meet. I hope you can experience this too. This dish is reheatable and is nice cool and cold too both after an hour sice cooking and every few hours. Some of it's taste is affected if left overnight but it is still quite fine. I would say consume within 24 hours of cooking and keep in a refridgerator. I left the lemon rind in this recipe but i would not recommend doing it, the taste was slightly different the next morning, it was still very very tasty though with a couple of potatoes left over from the night before (photo 4). You could also add pork instead of salted fish i would imagine. But make sure that the pork is cooked through fully. DO NOT REHEAT DISHES WHICH CONTAIN PORK. I hope you may enjoy.

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