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A spring onion too

I hope that with recipes on these pages you will have or possibly shall by now i hope have become lightly adventurous too, and i hope with a greater understanding and a greater balance in your life (this does not always mean bank balance) but i think if you get the other factors sorted out it can only help you be in or hope to be in better personal circumstances. This particular recipe/suggestion, to some may seem blnd, a lovely friend, Sandra from Colorado i am sure seems to like it and even remarked that it has a kick or a bite. Bless you Sandra! I had a while ago wondered about creating a recipe with teabags but i ended up moving on and doing things with dried spaghetti and leeks sliced very finely and cooked and almost crispy on the edges in instead and maybe even with a spoonful of parmesan cheese when its all mixed in together. Anyway, i found at the back of my cupboard a free sample of Taylors Rhubarb Tea, It was delicious but i'd started cooking some rice, regular brown rice and some basmati. I am aware that there are various basmati rices but the rice i chose to use was the least expensive in the range. I have also used fish in this recipe. The fish i have used (only one peice) is on sale at most supermarkets and is the least expensive fish usually in the freezer compartment and you would usually get between 4-6 pieces in a bag and is called whitefish. I am often so relieved when i see cod on sale now because i'm so glad that i purposely did not buy any cod product a few years ago because they were at risk because of over fishing. I hear not so long ago that cod stocks are now replenished so its huge thnks to those who were involved with what for some must have been a huge transition. It does no harm to check on sites like google how particular fish stocks are at any given time of year or seasonally, you can usually find another type until they fully recover. The other thing about this particular recipe is that it was about if adding a stock cube, do not add salt or pepper whilst cooking and or even during serving or when eating. I also want you to think about a teaspoon. Not a table or soupspoon. Now think of a mustard spoon which is smaller that a teaspoon, then imagine on the end of that 'one drip' of vegetable oil. This is how much i would like you to add to this recipe if you are ok with oil, only one the tiniest small drip from the bottle. Ingredients: x parts brown rice to one part white basmati rice but 4 coffeecupfuls in total. 1 piece of white fish 1 or 2 fish stock cubes 2 level tablespoonfuls of crushed chillies, 1 level teaspoon of ground ginger Just under a level teaspoonful of thyme, 1 to 2 large level tablespoonfuls of ground turmeric Frozen peas One half level teaspoonful of ground mixed herbs, two tablespoons of capers One rhubarb teabag and one nettle teabag if you have (or try with another red/ berry fruit tea of your choice) One drip of vegetable oil.

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