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A spring onion too!

When this recipe is cooked, you will know when the rice is done. Stir it around with a wooden spoon. I estimate that there will be possibly 8 generous servings. You'll probably taste it and think mmmmmm but if you don't, crumble the other fish stock cube into it and give it a gentle stir with a clean with a wooden spoon. You could enjoy this easily with something as simply tasty as one finely chopped tomato or even a cucumber raita or even add some very very finely sliced and then cut into smaller pieces chorizo. Along with this i would also like you to consider drinking 'a minimum' of 5 glasses of cold water per day please. Though you might like this particular recipe with some sparkling lemon and lime flavoured water.

You might enjoy it exactly as it is..................

I didn't have a spring onion, but the next day after adding some kidney beans i thought 'wow, a spring onion too.'

If using a spring onion, chop it extremely finely please. Keep the meal in the refridgerator overnight. Enjoy. And don't forget the water please!

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