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The Abs or ber Ceau

This time with this recipe wanted to vere from the norm a slight and use some meat too. The meat i chose to use with this was chicken. The photographs will enlarge if you click on them. In photo 1 you can see the ingredients (most of) and their measurements sizewise compared to whatever they my be next to in the photo.

In the second photo you can see how the garlic was chopped in this recipe instead of putting it into a garlic crusher and in the third photo you can see the piece of chicken soon after being submerged into the other ingredients. On the second day in the morning i had some of this straight from the fridge and it was very tasty. I shall elaborate on that later. But my thought at the time was, what a great absorber.

The ingredients are as follows:

One medium sized potato

One onion

some left over celery

6 or 7 cloves of garlic

6 or 7 dried chillies

Some ginger root

Some brown lentils and some one cup of brown rice

One piece of chicken (optional) or an optional chicken stock cube One vegetable stock cube

Salt and ground black pepper.

One teaspoonful of mint sauce.

One or two teaspoonfuls of tabasco sauce (very optional)

First..... half fill a largeish saucepan with cold water and put onto cooker on a medium heat. You will want to bring the saucepan eventually to the boil but it is not important to just yet.

Peel and chop your onion and carefully add it add to the water. Remove the skins and chop your garlic (photo 2) and add.

Trim the ends from your celery if they are in need of trimming, wash and chop the celery and add that too.

I found that chopping these chillies can be a bit messy so be careful when cutting them (with seeds etc). Add the chopped chillies to the saucepan.

Use a small clean cup if you havent got the kettle on and carefully gently get a half cupful of the mixture (maybe use a long handled ladle) from the saucepan and crumble your stock cube up into it, stir it to blend it in and carefully add that too.

Remove the skin from the ginger root and cut the ginger very very finely, as fine as you can and add.

Wash under a cold tap the lentils, sieve them or drain the excess fluid and carefully add. Put the rice into a sieve too or rinse the rice and add.

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