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Simply a simple suggestion to you

I had planned to do a marrow cut in half but with the middle scooped out with a filling of some kind and baked in an oven as i've heard that is how they are cooked but it pained me. I could not bear to waste the inside of a perfectly good marrow to replace it with a filling which may or may not have tasted better than the marrow itself. I did buy some greek feta style cheese too. Then i got to grips with it and made this simple but very tasty little recipe which i hope you shall enjoy. It was lovely to tast the marrow and only the ends were wasted. An homage to: Indeed! And particularly as i had never tasted marrow it was nice to have opportiunity to. I wonder sometimes in our endeavour to constantly move forward do we forget the basics and how tender and succulent something as simple as a marrow with its middle intact can be. Ingredients: One marrow 2 cupfuls of dried brown lentils (or one and a small bit of a heaped mug) 3 whole clumps of cloves of garlic (yes, a lot of garlic but they were the dried out type which had been in my kitchen quite a while and some even had green shoots coming from them, so you may prefer two fresh lots). Just because i cook and eat food like that, it does not mean that i condone you doing the same. I would always say please choose fresh. As i was deliberating for so long, even the marrow had gone a little soft at one end but i was careful trimming the ends off. If my soup or food suggestion was delicious, yours can only be so much nicer if totally fresh ingredients used and i would prefer that you did.

Shrimp paste One large mugful of frozen or sliced peppers (Or more but not much less or none) One large mugful of frozen or sliced mushrooms (Or more but not much less or none/ to suit your own taste) One reasonably large salad tomato Some ground white pepper A third of a veg stock cube Some greek feta style cheese. Before you begin, you will need to use a third of a level teaspoonful of shrimp paste. Place the shrimp paste into a 'sealed' plastic container and microwave for 30 seconds. Then using a heavy milkpan or small frypan put the shrimp paste on it and turn up the heat under it. You will need to monitor it so not too hot but enough to dry it out totally. Then turn off heat and leave the shrimp paste on the fry pan to totally cool. You may then need to scrape it off after but it should not leave a permanent mark on your pan and will be fine to use. A third fill a saucepan with cold water

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