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Butter bean and green bean soup plus?

I did have some turkey at Christmas and somehow my not having eaten meat for most of the year seemed to make it seem almost acceptable for me. Maybe it's the thought of the farmers who would go out of business if we all stopped or maybe it is simply as an homage or tradition. I didn't eat much of it at all but could have, it was nice. So thanks to Mr or Mrs Turkey. I did though with even my turkey leg share with felinity by boiling the turkey leg and the remaining parsnip to extract the juices. I then made the turkey stock into ice cubes. I did wonder what would i use turkey for and thought of broccoli but yesterday that decision happened by default and necessity anyway and very tasty it was too. You will need to conside soaking time if not using tinned butter beans 8 hours minimum or overnight. I hope you like it. Though obviously the 4 turkey stock cubes is optional. If you have read most of the recipes on these pages you should be well on the way to or are already creating your very own recipes by now anyway but these which follow shall be the additional optional extra recipes. I do try to ensure that all of the ingredients when prepared measure less than 100grams combined if cooking for one if on the regenprotec diet. The quantity here will make approximately 12 bowls of soup. (12 or maybe more) The ingredients for this recipe are as follows: One bag of butter beans (or two tins depending on how much you like butter beans/ Lima beans) Lima beans are reputed to be excellent at keeping cholesterol down. 3 scotch bonnet chillies (Please be extra extra careful with these chillies, they do burn, wear gloves and clean if you spill any on floor and have pets. Do not let children play with these chillies. They are extremely hot and they will burn). Half a bag of frozen green beans 4 or 5 medium / large potatoes 7 or 8 smallish carrots 2 turnips 3 mushrooms One and a half medium onions 5 cloves of garlic (3 of them large) if there is a green stalk bit through the garlic, dont worry. Apparently you only remove that if you do not want the garlic smell to be so prominent. Brown lentils (3 mugfuls) Compound Asafoetida: half an absolute level tsp (no more than that) Half tube of tomato puree level tablespoonful of mixed herbs 4 vegetable stock cubes Half fill or fill with cold water a large plastic container with cold water if soaking butterbeans

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