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Carniherbivorous? What a question

Whether meat eater or not, if you have been on this website for a while and have read the initial pages you will already know or have an idea of the stance and ideology.

The choice whether to choose meat or vegatarian food is and can be a complex one or for some it is a very simple thing to consider.

Some in the event that meat is sometimes because of finance available may be wanting to find some tasty alternatives and some maybe just wat to experiment.

This website does not imply that you stop eating meat and does provide some suggestions with many of the recipes as to meats which you could add if you choose to.

You may also by now be experimenting anyway by adding to and improvising on some of the recipes on this site and even making taste combinations. This is one of those such recipes.

Is it meat or veg?

Did it taste like either?

No...It tasted lovely.

I have added a link (next page) to the ingredients list but maybe you can can you guess. What ingredients do you think looking at the picture and knowing Regenprotec did i choose for this? Did i add something which as yet has not been mentioned on these pages?

Click on the link to find out, you can return to this page.

And............ will the next recipe be a meat recipe?

It is a tasty one and i think you will love it!

I'm 100% certain!

Delicious hot or cold. Spicy anyway but not as i like it, so i added a generous handful of whole (unchopped) dried whole pepper hot.

To feel the seeds bursting in your mouth is very unusual too.

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