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Those ingredients:

Two mugfuls of dried soya chunks (I've been using ones from a company called TRS (Asias Finest foods) one third fill a largeish saucepan with cold water Add the dried soya chunks Crumble in two vegetable stock cubes (or one meat or poultry stock cube of your choice and one vegetable stock cube. Allow the mixture to rest for 30-45 minutes with a cover on the saucepan. Whilst the mixture is resting the soya will absorb the flavours and moisture from the mixture, so also during this rest period add a generous level tablespoonful of dried thyme and slightly less of oregano. Also add a sprinkling of maybe 1.5 level tablespoonfuls of garlic powder and one slight less than a third of a small teaspoonful of compounded asafoetida (The company who produces the compounded asafoetida is vandevi but purchased from an asian food supermarket in UK). When the soya has softened to your liking, place on heat, bring to boil and reduce to a medium to low but steady heat. Chop finely 6-8 stalks of celery and add Chop finely two small or one medium onion. If you do not like onion, just add the compounded asafoetida and similarly with the garlic. Wash, trim and grate one medium sized potato and add to the saucepan (i leave most of the skins on if possible. Crush (extremely finely chop) 4-6 cloves of garlic and carefully add to the saucepan. Remove the zest of a medium sized lemon and add. Then cut the lemon in half and extract the lemon juice (without the lemon pips) and add that too. I discovered Schwartz flavor shots and decided to try one of their products, you may well like them. I scooped from the bottom of the pot which it came in two teaspoonfuls (level) of their prepared 'thai red curry' mixture (omitting as much of the oil as possible), put the remainder in the fridge heeding their use by instructions and use later on a few other meals or something else. You may or may not like the finished recipe. But continue to cook on a medium to low heat and cook and serve after 35-45 minutes. Add very minimal salt and ground black pepper during cooking. But add very minimal amount. you can always add but you cannot so easily take away if you add too much. If you carefully do a taste test, lower heat and use carefully a clean ladle......if you like it milder then fine. But....if you like it that much hotter add some unchopped dried hot pepper whole. Those seeds will bust open giving you a hot taste sensation which i hope you will so enjoy. You could also add a peice of chicken or white fish to this quite comfortably or even some pork or some beef and have with rice and a brown wholemeal roll or some crusty bread. Even a few prawns or a generous helping of petit pois with some cooked noodles which isn't bad on it's own anyway. Be careful not to over indulge if wanting to lose weight or maintain your weight.

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