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C.C.M.C.352 (Chechemanche)

Part 2. In your saucepan, you should have a lot of cabbage and mint and chilli mixture still.

These are the only other remaining ingredients left so if you do not want to cook part 1, start here.

1 tablespoonful of tomato puree

A small bag of dried mango pieces,

Some desiree potatoes,

One, or two pieces of frozen fish,

small tin of butter beans.

2 vegetable stock cubes

shrimp paste

Surprise ingredient: Almost 3 quarters of a packet of 'frozen' sweetcorn.

Some ground black pepper.

Garlic and ginger to suit taste (fresh) or if frozen/ cubed garlic & ginger (2)

Bring the cabbage mixture to the boil. Simmer (Photo 1).

Crumble into it the two stock cubes and add a few garlic cloves chopped.

cut into small pieces the desiree potatoes (leave as much as the skins on as possible) Photo 2.

Add two pieces of frozen fish and 2 reasonably heaped teaspoonfuls of shrimp paste.

When the potatoes are almost cooked, add the sweetcorn. Do not be reserved about this. Pack it out. I found this recipe to be more of an internal cleanser than most of those prepared before but not aggressively.

Also when the potatoes are almost cooked add the dried mango.

Then add the butter beans and the ground black pepper.

You can add most types of frozen fish to this recipe or possibly even a fish stock cube or even sliced carrots and peas. Then add the garlic and ginger.

When cooked through. Although i tried this food hot, i was not keen on it straight from the saucepan or even cooled. It tasted almost like cheese which i thought was very odd as there was no cheese in it. It was like a hot cheesy soup (hence the name 'Che, for cheese man for mango'. For very best results, put into plastic freezerproof containers and freeze totally then reheat in a microwave.Make sure it is piping hot. A bit of crusty french stick is fine too. But remember............ ok it is winter time at the moment so its not that we become lapse but our bodies naturally sometimes re-regulate and store some fats or our eating patterns change a little. I thought of all of the meats or fish, this would suit any or most fish and fish mixes and would do very well with pork or even shredded beef.

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