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'Dall & Rosemary Sweet'

I hope you enjoyed the last dall recipe or maybe you are accustomed to it already so you will know what a great taste it presents. This recipe is different again and i hope you will be as surprised at the taste experience as i was. First of all, you might like to have just potatoes on one day and carefully lift the potatoes from the saucepan with a ladle or a large spoon once cooked. You will need: Some largeish potatoes (Maybe 6 or 8) Two vegetable stock cubes One optional chicken stock cube A tablespoonful of ground thyme A teacupful of cous cous A coffeecupful of dall 2 uncooked vegetable samosas (or some frozen peas) One sweet potato One large onion a teaspoonful of garlic powder and 5/6 largeish cloves of garlic some baby sweetcorn a slight pinch of salt x 2 A 2" sprig of rosemary

First of all, wash all but one of the potatoes (leave the skins on but remove any 'eyes'/dark bits) then carefully slice them into half inch slices and boil them as day one of your meal. Add to them whilst coking a crumbled vegetable stock cube and also the optional chicken stock cube and the ground thyme. Enjoy these maybe with some ground black pepper on day 1. DO NOT throw out the water which these potatoes boiled in. Instead keep it on the cooker but not on heat and add the washed cups of dall and the cup of cous cous and the remaining crumbled vegetable stock cube and the garlic powder and put lid on saucepan. I was going to add some frozen peas but i had ran out so i stirred in two uncooked vegetable samosas. When the saucepan and contents have completely cooled, put into fridge if you are happy about that or empty into fridgeproof container and let it rest overnight. (If you like the rosemary taste it will do no harm to wash and very finely chop some leaves and add them too at this point).

Rosemary: (ask at garden centre or florist or supermarket if at all unsure).

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