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Fishling soup

Another of those recipes which happened purely by chance but it turned out so very tasty that i must tell you about it. Some could think it is a bit nasty but i personally do not see anything nasty in it at all. Some background on the recipe. It is now four weeks into summer (UK). Although there is a garden here (a nice communal garden} and i do get into the garden sometimes, my cats could not. The garden is out the back and im on the ground floor which is too high for them to jump from a window and there is a basement flat below so very too high. When the weather was very warm especially and particularly as my cats may as indoor cats not aclimatise so easily to weather changes, it is important that they are combed as and when possible. Sure their tongues remove hair and there are foods on the market which help with furballs etc. I also now and then get a handful of grass from the garden and let them sniff it and eat it. They love it and it is very natural for most cats. It helps to keep their tracts clean. Not very often, mainly because i cannot afford to i guess, i buy from a supermarket a bag of whitefish pieces frozen,so you don't need to use all at once, i like to lightly boil in a small amount of just cold water some of the fish maybe one or two pieces. Just barely cover the fish with water. Simmer to get the heat up and then maintain a constant temperature until the fish is cooked. Remove from the saucepan and place in a bowl with a little of the juice from the saucepan/ not too much and place a saucer on top of the bowl until cool. As soon as it's cool, place it in refridgerator. I sometimes gave them this maybe twice a year and certainly once at start of summer. I think it helps their tummys if they are indoor cats. Don't worry if they seem to not eat much of it. No salt and no additives at all. Maybe a slight level teaspoonful of butter but only if you must whilst it is cooking. I cooked a couple of pieces of whitefish with no butter or salt or anything in it. The water which remained in the saucepan. I said to smells so delicious i cannot just throw it away. Ingredients: A bag of frozen whitefish portions and a half or segment of a large red onion 4 cloves of garlic (medium to large) A handful of pasta shells (maybe 10) 3 large and 2 medium potatoes or 5 largeish if in mixed bag. 2 vegetable stock cubes Salt and ground black pepper A few tablespoons of whole pepper hot Put one or two peices of the whitefish in a saucepan. Put enough water in to cover the fish and very slowly heat. When the water is hot simmer for maybe ten minutes. Do not allow to burn.

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