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Hetties Pagina

Prepare middle to high shelf in oven. Preheat oven to just over 200. Place on flat baking sheet for 20 minutes/ until golden brown.

If using a halogen oven, use the high shelf (200) for maybe 15 minutes.

Keep your eye on them so that they don't burn.

These are great hot but if you prefer to eat colder food, they will hold up in a refridgerator covered overnight and they do not lose their consistency.

Yummy with a pleasantly chewy crunchiness on top which is not too much and an occasional sweetness which is very delightful and moist.

If you prefer colder food, you might like to add an extra date (or two) into the mix prior to cooking and similarly an extra quarter spoonful (only) of lemon curd.

I really hope you like these. I really did! (And thank you so much to spaghetti producers).

Clicking on photos show larger version.

Sorry about photos, my cooker stopped working whilst doing these and i wanted to get the recipe completed.

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