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The hows and why's of this particular recipe shall be posted on the next page.


One largeish cooking apple

one or preferebly two regular green eating apples

3 or 4 parsnips

One large onion

One leek

One red and one green chilli

Garlic (6-8 cloves)

One large cauliflower

One ripe banana

One plantain

One coffeecup of wholewheat couscous

One and a half vegetable stock cubes

One half coffeecup of brown lentils

One tablespoonful Madras curry powder (as per photo 2)

One level teaspoonful ground turmeric (as per photo 2)

Some dried chillies (Getrocknet chillies/as per photo 2)

Dried curry leaves (As per photo 2)

Half fill a large saucepan with cold water.

Chop the onion well and add to the water, then add the chopped garlic,

remove the skin from the cooking apple and cut the apple into smallish peices and add.

Also remove the skin from a green eating apple, core it and chop the apple and add.

Crumble the vegetable stock cubes on and switch on the heat.

Use a grater and a seperate plate to grate the parsnips then add the grated parsnip to the saucepan,

Remove the skins from the plantain and the banana and chop them both and add.

Clean up and break the cauliflower into peices and add to the water,

Add a half a coffeecupful of couscous.

Remove the seeds from the chillies and chop them and add to the saucepan, top up with water if necessary and use a ladle to remove excess if it is too overfilled.

Bring to boil and simmer for 25 minutes,

Whilst simmering add some dried curry leaves and the Madras curry powder and the ground turmeric, season with salt and pepper if you like to but do not over-do it.

Approximately 15 or 20 minutes into cooking, skin and core and chop another green apple. This means that the apple in the finished meal will be at different cooked consistencies but not crunchy. When the meal has cooked for approximately 30 minutes, turn heat off on saucepan. You might like it as it is, it tastes almost citrusy but there is no lemon in it. The apple really comes through nicely with a very slight kick of the chillies to accompany the tenderness of the plantain and the mild almost hidded sweetness of the banana.

Feel free though to leave it to settlle for a few hour then add the lentils and the remaining cous cous bring to the boil and simmer ultra -exceptionally low for 20 minutes to bulk it up.

Details of how and why are on next page.

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