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C.C.M.C.352 (Chechemanche)

It may seem odd but i often think of food ideas and im constantly sampling combinations of food but rarely does a recipe come along and i think 'now this is good for this site but for a different reason'. It still conforms to the style of food but is an experience in itself. I have said there are already many recipes on this site to keep you trim but i shall write about what happened with this and let you decide whether or not you want to try it. But be prepared you will get every detail.

Please also be mindful of the fact that i can't abide wasting food personally but i appreciate that sometimes it is inevitable. I see the very slight wastage such as the stalks and ends of carrots and potato peels sometimes or bits of etc as an homage to the food itself.

I had intended to attempt to make a fiery hot humus with peppers and the tahini and chick peas and lemon and garlic etc so it was in the cupboard anyway and i thought i would use or try to use it.

The recipe is in two parts, the reasons have been explained.

But please remember, the part 2 of this recipe is i found best frozen and then reheated in a microwave.

But you can well decide.

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