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So...what does N.t.w stand for on this recipe? 'Not to waste', not even the anchovy oil.

I looked at it in the tin and thought how i could not waste it. I remembered that if i put it into a fridge it crystalizes but then it becomes its normal oiliness when out of fridge again after about 30 minutes.


The remaining anchovy oil

Some large potatoes

Some capers (as per photo)

a large onion


some ginger root

2 scotch bonnet chillies

some salt and pepper to suit your own taste but not too much salt, not more than a pinch of salt on the potatoes as they cook please. And be very careful with scotch bonnet chillies, try to cut them from a distance with a knife and fork, and clean up properly after especially if you have pets and do not let children handle them unsupervised.

Following the same principle as the last recipe, chop and boil the potatoes.

Put the capers and onion, garlic and cjhopped scotch bonnet chillies (not their seeds) into a loaf tin.

Remove the skin from the ginger and chop the ginger up into as small pieces as you possibly can, it may take you a while to do this. Add to the loaf tin or foil tray. Then add the cous cous (as per photo).

Then tip over the anchovy oil.

Mash the potato when cooked and top the ingredients in the loaftin and place into oven (centre) on electric 200 for up to 40 minutes.

Of the two recipe suggestions which tastewise were totally different, i preferred this somehow but it may have been because of the chillies. I hope you enjoy. It was very yummy!

Not garlicky but with such an almost sweet kick.

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