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Potato spruce

This is not a recipe, more something i discovered by chance but something also that some may enjoy to try.

You will know that throughout the site, i love the various tastes and textures of different types of potatoes.

The potato with skins on once cleaned up are no exception, in fact i think they are totally so lovely tasty it's incredible.

So, whilst i would always advocate that you go fresh if you are able to and keep it that way with regard to food, i happened to find some potatoes left in the bottom of my fridge.

The potatoes were still in the plastic bags and just a couple in each, they were just about to go soft so i trimmed them up.

One of the amazing things was that only a week before i had purchased my first tub of buttery spread since starting this site.

The particular brand was on sale or i may have chosen one of the others but carefully as different brands can be suited to different people and lifestyles and conditions i think. Anyway...the buttery spread after a while i decided to put it into my freezer or i would have quite easily found excuses to polish it off, it was a totally delicious little few moments of a different type of enjoyment for me.

THE POTATOES: I trimmed them and washed them and cut them into smaller sizes and put them into a saucepan of cold water.

Then i added a piece of frozen FENUGREEK and i carefully cut a dried lime into two pieces and added it to the potatoes cooking in the saucepan. Not sure at all what to expect as i had other ideas too and was discounting others at same time. The cooked potatoes seemed so restored to their perfect taste that i know so well that even though i contemplated adding a teaspoonful of that buttery spread to the dish, as totally delicious as the spread experience be able to say to myself 'the potatoes do not need it, they are totally fine exactly as they are' was incredible.

Dried limes keep for ages and a bag of frozen fenugreek you can keep in the freezer.

Further note: I wouldn't personally eat the dried limes in this recipe but they can also be crushed

and used in soups too and are great.

Hope it is a nice day for you!

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