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Recipe 24D

Some arrowroot or cornflour but not too much

some ginger chopped

3 scotch bonnet chillies.

So, you've got your onion chopped and in 2 inches of water, trim your garlic and add chop and add,

Then add all of the dried ingredients including the crumbled stock cubes and the ginger and the scotch bonnet chillies chopped to the saucepan and turn on the heat.

Bring to the boil whilst occasionally stirring (do not leave spoon in saucepan and keep it clean). Reduce heat and simmer on high. Add ground black pepper last of all after other ingredients added. Wash and trim and chop the potatoes and add them.

After 15 minutes or so trim the broccoli and cut or break into good size pieces and carefully add to the saucepan.

I also added the stalk which was cut into easier to cook sizes.

Add the chopped tomatoes and slowly bring to the boil again. Then simmer on high the potatoes until they are soft. I only used half of the fenugreek in the photo (both the fenugreek and karela are frozen in photo).

Add the karela before the broccoli and the fenugreek after on top.

Then add the ground black pepper and optional salt at this point.

Then the potatoes look as though they are cooking nicely, gently add the carton of optional yogurt.

I did think that even some nice pasta shells would be nice added to this but as with photos 2 and 3,

i added no more than a cupful of wholemeal cous cous.

I hadn't tried freezing it with cous cous, but you can spoon cous cous in after microwaving from frozen but wait a short time.

Click on photos to enlarge them please.

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