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The SS Tone

It's hard to imagine that it is two and a half years since i started this site, February 2 2012 and now 17.08.2014, wow. As some of you will know, sometimes it is a matter of restructuring the thought processes which are already conceptual at least for a while. A bit like taking a break from that which we may have become accustomed to..... a time to re-evaluate and get or re-gain a grounding that may have been lost of found itself hidden amidst often a depression if weight conscious or insecure about image and sometimes pressures in respect of expectations of some, at a loose end and what can seem to some often even a consumeristic society. But even that can be loyalty to your local shopkeepers and the food manufacturers and so many many businesses around the globe. Some, once they take a break from things with something like this site move on to other eagerly enthusiastic regimes and some simply be but with a new sense of vigour and hopefully a better sense of self-worth and even i hope with the new found weightloss a confidence of stature. And a more positive outlook where you can carefully yourself examine your choices and we all know there are many. When i started with this recipe, i did note and remembered as i looked at some of the ingredients were past their sell by date of some of my thoughts when i started this site. I do not condone in any way that you source past sell by date food. I do appreciuate that for some, cooking on the day that food is purchased may not be easy. Finding motivation to cook for some is an issue too also is the financial situation for some whereby wasting food can be a real issue. It is i know easy to say " well cook it on the day you buy it and it won't get wasted". Some cannot. I remember a few years ago whilst wanting to lose weight myself..... seing news reports of people for whatever reason) getting food from skips which was past it's sell by date. There were also reports suggesting that those on lower incomes were at greater risk of becomig obesse. All of these and many factors including the lower income aspect and affording to diet even were a part of this strategy. We have remained that free stepping stone. And, even though there are enough recipes already on this site..... we still have even though it is difficult come along with more. I hope this recipe is one of those to which you may have become accustomed. My own words at first after trying it were 'delectible'. does not and never has condoned the use of out of date or past it's sell by date food.

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