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The SS Tone

Put one third of the stock cube in with the red onion and crumble the other two thirds into the saucepan which should be still on the cooker now on low heat. Wash and trim or scrub lightly and trim the ends from your parsnips. Slice them into chunks up to 1" and add them to the saucepan on the cooker.

Wash and trim the ends from your celery and chop just the ends but use AT LEAST half of the celery.

It was a large celery bunch. But the celery in the photo is what i DID NOT use. I used a few whole sticks and cut a few inches off each end of the rest. Pop the remainder (as in photo) back into the fridge and have a munch on that later. Put saucepan on a steady but hot temperature.

Add a little less than a level tablespoonful of ground thyme.

Reduce heat and use your zester /rinder and add to the saucepan the zest of one of the lemons and the juice (not the peel).

Remove the skin from and finely chop and add the ginger (up to two thirds of that in photo). Remove the skin fron your garlic cloves and carefully add.

Put 5 of the dried chillies on top in the saucepan. If they are too much for you to eat personally, you can intensify the flavour by putting them there but you also can remove them after prior to serving.

Turn up heat on saucepan to almost boiling or bring to boil and quickly then to simmer.

Now...... the red capsicum pepper. Light a cooker or small hob ring on low heat or higher if electric.

Stick a fork in the end of the pepper which you did not remove when de-seeding and place carefully over the flame or electric ring. WIPE DOWN AFTER ONCE COOKER/RING HAS COMPLETELY COOLED. Make sure you have removed the seeds from the pepper first!!!!!!!! So there will be a large opening at other side of pepper for any steam to escape. The pepper should attain a roasted pepper look fairly quickly. It may also look a bit burned but it's ok. Sometimes you could hear spitting sounds, so try to keep at arms distance.

After a few minutes the pepper should be burned.

Place it on a board or dish and allow to cool.

I didn't have a cooker when i moved into this flat so i am very grateful to my brother Michael and his partner Sarah for giving me this one.

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