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The SS Tone

When the capsicum pepper has cooled, slice it and put it into the blender or mixer. Add to it, a few but no more than 3 of the dried chillies and the anchovies, try to add as little of the oil as possible which they come in. Put it in the blender and put it in the fridge. The sauce you just prepared, i wondered about even adding some tomato juice from tinned tomatoes or tomato puree even to create a pasta sauce if weightlifting or if not on weightloss programme or with minimal pasta. I even wondered about adding some orange zest. You could, if you are a meat eater try putting some on to a red meat, or chicken would be ideal and wrap it in foil, try adding some chopped spring onions too if using chicken. Wrap it in foil and put it into the oven in an ovenproof dish or on a baking tray. Be careful when removing from oven. Try using two forks to open the foil if unsure as to whether it might be too hot heatwise or not. It could also make a very nice tasty pizza base or topping. Maybe some sliced cooked carrots and some fresh peas on top of this sauce on a very thin pizza base if on a weightloss programme for now, but only once a week or at a push twice initially until you restructure. why not try some on some pitta bread with an optional squeeze of a slice of lemon. See which you prefer, with or not. My own initial reaction to this sauce was 'delectable'. I am not sure whether i prefer with or without? Very yummy!

Back to our saucepan of parsnips. When the parsnips have cooked which could be 25 minutes or more depending on many factors. Another reason why totally fresh is better. Reduce heat and spoon or ladle some of the parsnips onto a dish and top with some of the sauce and serve. You might like to add a tiny peice of salt, but try it first. You cannot easily remove salt from a recipe if you put too much in when cooking.

Put the remainder of the sauce and the parsnips etc in their juices into a suitable container with lid (once cooled) into a refridgerator overnight. At this point, before placing in fridge also add the tabasco sauce.

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