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'The Wellok'

This was in morning after being kept in refridgerator all night and was still excellent.

Personally i would consume within 24 hours of cooking.

This was at maybe 5pm in evening served hot on a wholemeal pittabread. The hot lemony zesty ginger element is something else. Best to keep in refridgerator and reheat unless you like it not reheated.

Delicious hot or cold.

It is very possible that now after getting through this program/course...not only would you have lost weight (i hope/ if you wanted to) but you will have a greater understanding of your ability with regard to food management and eating.

I may add one more recipe or even two or maybe more (knowing what i'm like) but you are quite possibly now set up and raring to go and make your own food recipes and find your way foodwise and even make your own rare mistakes foodwise too.

And that's ok.

You can actually enjoy all foods in moderation and particularly moderately if you have health or weight concerns.

The hope with this website is that you now have a better understanding and a good or certainly a more informed grounding.

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